The project of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin (hereinafter called the Project) is

a block chain-based project designed to encourage the digitalization of financial markets and friendly investment means and demand. This i-ONE B2B Stable Coin is based on the ERC-20 Ethereum and it makes enable users to purchase a certain amount of gold physically through this. This project can also give many advantages to the gold market, block chain technologies as well as users on the whole. Customers can purchase i-ONE B2B Stable Coin immediately making use of the platform. In addition, each coin has the same value equivalent to the 1mg of 99.99% pure gold as the one kept in the Barclays Bank, the Deutsche Bank and the HSBC Bank. Therefore, this IOne B2B Stable Coin makes enable users to indirectly engage in monetary transactions and to be utilized it as a way of hoarding assets through gold. Meanwhile, this does not require users to follow any complex procedures through all of these processes.

i-ONE B2B Stable Coin has the same value as the spot price of gold. This means that it would strengthen the role as a safe money and reduce the risk due to the market volatility, which is the feature of the cryptocurrency market. It also allows users to benefit from the long-term rise in the gold price. Meanwhile, real-time comparative inspections of the number of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin and the amount of gold hoarded for custody will be carried out through independent audits and the liquidity can be guaranteed at all times on the basis of reliable continuous verifications. The digitalization of gold will increase the preference of pricey gold around the world while pursuing and using by mankind for thousands of years. As such, the rossmaterialization of gold and block chain technology indicates a scenario that could create another successful case of the utilization. This shows the potential of block chain to innovate the financial market.

The key functions of the project of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin have another innovative features, including the followings but not limited to them. These functions include low-cost transactions conducting through the Ethereum block chain, the invariability to all identified transactions (no risk of payment rejection), the entire network security and protection from cyber attacks, smart contract functions (immediate purchase of gold for every purchased token), the market transparency, supports for all ERC-20 wallets, partner exchanges, and supports for the transactions of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin to i-ONE B2B Card, etc.

Using the i-ONE B2B Stable Coin wallet

it will make possible to purchase or sell i-ONE B2B STABLE COIN immediately in the market. Because the parent company is also a liquidity source, users are free to conduct as many transactions as they want without any additional expenses, except for the 'annual service charge' and the general 'gas' cost supposed to impose for the Ethereumbased transactions. As it is not proceeding with crowdfunding, the project of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin is not a project at an initial stage of establishment. All roadmaps under the project will be funded with its own, and if i-ONE B2B Stable Coin purchased, then the physical gold will be purchased immediately under smart contract by the foundation of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin.

While global interest in the gold market is generally well known, the fact that the Exchange Traded Fund(ETF) value of gold exceeds USD100B is overlooked. Along with IOne B2B Stable Coin, it became feasible now to use this precious gold as a safe eans of keeping property beyond as a means of investment. Also, thanks to the help of block chain, gold is now able to serve as a payment method for all kinds of transactions.